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Who are we


We are a Bagan Keyboard APK-enthusiastic team, dedicated to providing the best typing experience to your Android,iOS and PC. We understand that in this age of technology, communication is the key, and came up with a great keyboard to express your thoughts easily.

Our diversity

In Bagan Keyboard APK, we will give you the best features like themes, voice typing, auto suggestion text, emoji, customization, and Zawgyi text to unicode conversion, we pride ourselves on providing fast typing and user-friendly keyboard experience. Which you won't find anywhere else.


Variety of Versions: We have Old, Latest Version Bagan Keyboard, Classic Bagan Keyboard and Unicode all files you can choose according to your requirement.

Easy Download: Our official site Bagan Keyboard APK provides an easy download and installation process, which is great for Android users.

Stay Updated: Our site provides you the latest and Old Bagan Keyboard APK version. Don't miss to update the latest version for new features, improvements and bug fixes

Premium Apk: If you want to enhance your typing experience, we offer Bagan Keyboard Premium Apk, which allows you to enjoy all the features free including customization.

Android 12 Compatible: Stay up-to-date with the latest Android version - our keyboard is compatible with Android 12.

Reliable Sources: See Privacy Policy for Trust on Our Site. Make sure you are getting your Garden Keyboard APK from a popular and secure source, ensuring it is safe

Our goal

Our mission is simple: we aim to make typing fast, user friendly and distance communication on your Android phone. Whether you need a keyboard to chat with friends, or to enjoy your digital life, Bagan Keyboard APK is always by your side.

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We're more than just a keyboard app; We are a community of Android users and love our language. Join our apps to make typing easy, efficient and fun. Feel free to contact us at admin@bagankeyboardapk.com if you have any questions or just want to chat. Your feedback will help us improve and provide you with the best experience.


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For the latest updates, news and developments in the world of Android keyboards, don't forget to stay connected with us. Check our website to download the latest version and follow us on social media for tips, tricks and latest keyboard trends


Bagan Keyboard APK is more than just a keyboard; It is your digital journey companion. We are here to make typing on your Android device a pleasure. Thanks for being our member, and we are always ready to provide you with the best typing experience.